Hasdrubal Djerba Prestige

Heavy Legs Package for 4, 6 or 9 d :

If you have heavy legs, why not take the time during your holidays in Tunisia to relieve these pains ? On the island of Djerba La Douce, in the Mediterranean, and along a beautiful, long and soft sanded beach, the Hasdrubal Djerba Prestige proposes a programme to get light legs again.

The Heavy Legs Package has specific treatments such as pressotherapy or marine jets that will help relief your pains on a long term basis and make your blood circulation better.

You shall benefit of 4 treatments per day, among which 3 hydrotherapy treatments and a relaxation massage of 40 minutes:
-Relaxation massage with hot lavender oils (40 mins),
-Feet reflexology (50 mins),
-Pressotherapy or freshening treatment,
-Phlebological course alternated with underwater shower.

You shall have free access to the Fitness Centre and Relaxation Centre after your daily treatments for the duration of your stay. The centers feature the following: Turkish baths, sauna, fitness and cardio-training, a herbal tea bar, aromatherapy room, resting room and cavitosonic. And let's not forget the sea water indoor and outdoor pool. The Fitness room will help with getting you in shape, whereas the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea offers the ideal place for you to swim and exercise.

A medical consultation is compulsory and is included in the package.
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