Hasdrubal Djerba Prestige

Arabian nights Package 4, 6 or 9d :

A voyage through the magical universe of the Arabian Nights... You shall be dazzled by the most refined spa treatments.

You will get 5 treatments per day amongst which a massage and a beauty treatment.

The Hasdrubal Djerba Prestige proposes the following treatments per day:
-Sea water bath with floral water,
-Sea weed wrap alternated with a rosemary wrap,
-Henna wrap alternated with a ghassoul wrap,
-Arabian Nights massage (60mins),
-Beauty treatments: oriental legs depilation, face massage, facial, date mask, harkous tatoo, brushing.

You shall also have free access to the Fitness Centre and Relaxation Centre after your daily treatments for the duration of your stay. The centers feature the following: Turkish baths, sauna, fitness and cardio-training, a herbal tea bar, aromatherapy room, resting room and cavitosonic. And let's not forget the sea water indoor and outdoor pool of the Institute. The Fitness room will help with getting you in shape, whereas the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea offers the ideal place for you to swim and exercise.

What's more, you shall enjoy the exceptional setting of the hotel. At the heart of a palm-tree plantation near the sea, the Hasdrubal Djerba Prestige is the perfect place to relax and work on your well-being under the sun of Djerba La Douce.

A medical consultation is compulsory upon arrival and is included in the package.
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