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Three-Water Package 6d :

The resort proposes a unique programme that you can have in any of the 13 private spa pavilion of the hotel. These pavilions, each covering 130m², guaranty intimacy and personalized treatments.

The Three Water Package for 6 days uses fresh water, thermal water and sea water. Each day of treatment has a theme linked to a natural element: lavender, sweet orange, rosemary... And other scents that will surely awaken your senses and convey a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The 1st day is dedicated to purifying your body. It has 155mins of spa treatments such as: feet ritual; full body cleansing with lavender, fresh water sauna, scrub, thermal water and tfal body wrap, face mask with carrot and fresh cucumber, californian massage and resting.

During the 2nd day -focused on relaxation, you shall have 135mins of treatments as follows: feet ritual, body cleansing with orange blossom water, hot sea water bath, sea water rain massage with apricot essential oil, relaxation massage, face shaping with shea butter.

On the 3rd day -dedicated to restoring harmony in your body- you shall enjoy 130mins of treatments as follows: feet ritual, fresh water steam bath, body cleansing with rose water, draining shower with Djerba's sea water, Duo: brown algae wrap and ayuredic Abhyanga
massage with hot sesame oil.

Energy is your 4th day's theme. The 150mins of treatment are as follow: feet ritual, full body cleansing with floral and rosemary water, hot thermal water bath, Duo: Rosemary pads wrap and energetic massage with rosemary essential oil, and feet reflexology.

The 140mins treatment of your 5th day will be dedicated to make you feel complete with the following: feet ritual, body cleansing with geranium water, hot sea water bath, Duo: green tea and mint wrap, hot pebble massage with pebbles from Carthage, and face draining.

Finally, the last day will be focused on your beauty with 140mins of enthralling treatments: feet ritual, body cleansing with rose water, fresh water steam bath, sesame and honey scrub date mask and shaping with argan essential oil, and “Arabian Nights” massage.

You shall have free access to the Fitness Centre and Relaxation Centre after your daily treatments for the duration of your stay. The centers feature the following: Turkish baths, sauna, fitness and cardio-training, a herbal tea bar, aromatherapy room, resting room and cavitosonic. And let's not forget the sea water indoor and outdoor pool of the Spa Centre. The Fitness room will help with getting you in shape, whereas the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea offers the ideal place for you to swim and exercise.

A medical consultation is compulsory upon arrival and is included in the package.
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