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Dukan Diet Spa Programme 6d :

You may have tried all sorts of diets and slimming programmes, from the traditional to the more extreme methods, without any success... It's high time to try a different approach that will enable you to lose excess pounds in no time, but most importantly not to regain them!

For your holidays in Tunisia, The Residence hotel in Tunis has teamed up with the Health Spa centre “Les Thermes Marins de Carthage” to offer you a quick weight loss personalised detox program: Dr Dukan Diet Programme.

During a week, you will benefit from the expertise of Dr. Dukan's nutritional diet as well as slimming spa treatments conceived by renowned experts for cellulite reduction, the use of high performance equipment and targeted slimming techniques, fitness exercises to suit all fitness levels and one on one support from the staff to guide and encourage you to achieve your weight loss goals during your stay...

And on top of that program, you will get pampered to the utmost!

Over 6 days, the Dukan Diet Spa Programme features:

- 2 medical consultations :
On Day 2 of your vacation in Tunisia, you will meet the doctor of “Les Thermes Marins de Carthage” to discuss your TRUE WEIGHT (the calculation of your ideal weight based on your measurements and current weight) and to personalise your weight loss programme based on the Dukan method.

On your last day of treatment, your second medical consultation will include the recording of your measurements and a weigh-in. The doctor will then give you all the necessary advice and information in order to consolidate and maintain your TRUE WEIGHT for long lasting results.

- 15 body & beauty treatments, to get pampered to the utmost :

. 3 body massages (45 minutes)
. 3 multi-jet baths (20 minutes)
. 3 seaweed body wraps (20 minutes)
. 2 under-water showers (20 minutes)
. 1 Cellu M6 (30 minutes)
. 2 lymphatic drainage (30 minutes)
. 1 beauty treatment (1 hour for face or body)

- 11 activities including :

. 6 compulsory physical activities (1 per day to choose from) : aqua-cycle (30 minutes), aqua-pilates (30 minutes), aqua-fitness (45 minutes), fitness coaching (30 minutes), power plate (30 minutes), active vascular gymnastics (30 minutes)

. 5 optional recreational activities among (free of charge) : 2 walks, 2 cooking classes and 1 golf lesson

+ The Dukan Diet book (“La Méthode Illustrée” in French) written by Dr Dukan (as a gift to you)

Shed those extra kilos for good, treat yourself to this exclusive slimming programme during your holidays in a luxury hotel in Tunisia...

For your well-being, kick-start your healthy new lifestyle with the tried and tested method of Dr. Dukan. The success of the Dukan Diet is based on its unique principles encompassing 4 phases (attack/cruising/consolidation/stabilization). No more restrictive diets, no more yo-yo effect !

For optimum results, this package is exclusively offered with a dietetic, full board sojourn. During your stay at The Residence hotel, you will be able to taste the delicious dishes prepared by the Chefs, without any guilt !

Note that the Dukan Diet Spa Programme is also available for a 10 and 12 day treatment.

Experience this brand-new Slimming Programme based on the Famous French Doctor Pierre Dukan diet with the French Spa Specialist, Thalassoline! This exclusive programme combines the most effective methods to create the ultimate weight loss programme.

Spa package valid from the 1st January to the 31st December 2011.
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