Hammamet Hasdrubal

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The Spa Centre at Hasdrubal Hammamet boasts a wide range of programmes:

- The Beauty programme includes 5 daily treatments, with 2 hydrotherapy treatments, a complete 40-mn massage, body modelling treatment, beauty treatment.

- The Beauty Mandara programme lasts for 4, 6 or 9 days, and links back to an ancient legend telling the story of the gods’ quest for the elixir of eternal life. This package includes 4 daily treatments, such as flower baths, 2 thalasso treatments, Mandara 4-hand massage (50-mn).

- Heat, sedentarity and overweight all tend to favour the development of abnormal blood circulation. Thalassotherapy has long been recognized and praised for the efficient and beneficial effects it has in healing affections such as painful legs, oedemas, bloated legs and feet. The Painful and Heavy Legs programme is there to help you counter such affections and comprises: medical check up, marine leg treatments, pressotherapy or frigitherapy treatments, complete 40-mn massage, foot reflexology session.

- The Health and Shape programme is destined to help tackle affections and fatigue linked to stress and overworking. It includes 4 daily treatments and lasts 4, 6 or 9 days. After a medical check up, you will enjoy 3 hydrotherapy sessions, body massages chosen with the doctor, free access for ½ day to the Fitness area featuring steam bath, sauna, fitness sessions and cardiotraining.

- Male guests will also be happy to find a specific programme. The Masculin Tonic programme comprises of 5 daily treatments with 2 hydrotherapy sessions, 1 shower jet, 1 complete 40-mn massage, 1 relaxation session in the swimming pool with sub-aquatic music.

- Even if it is just a number, women who reach the age of 50 often feel their body changes and undergoes a whole series of morphological transformations, which can be unsettling: overweight, insomnia and hot flushes are frequent symptoms of this phenomenon. The Cap 50 programme comprises of 5 daily treatments with 3 hydrotherapy sessions, lymphatic drainage with complete massage and foot reflexology sessions.

- The arthrosis-rheumatism package offers you specific and adapted treatments, very efficient in treating rheumatism and other affections. It includes daily treatments, such as 2 hydrotherapy sessions, electrotherapy sessions, alga wraps, complete 40-mn massages.

- The New Look programme comprises of the following treatments: 1 medical check up, 2 hydrotherapy sessions, 1 complete essential oil massage (40-mn), toning treatments in the beauty institute.

- The Wellness programme is the ideal formula to introduce guests to thalassotherapy in a country very influenced by Oriental traditions. It includes 5 daily treatments, a medical check up, 2 hydrotherapy sessions, 1 relaxation session in the swimming pool with sub-aquatic music, and a foot reflexology session.

- The Thalasso & golf programme in Tunisia, gives guests the unique opportunity of combining thalassotherapy treatments with the pleasure of playing their favourite sport on the Golf Yasmine 18-hole course on 60ha of hillside. The programme comprises 4 treatments a day, such as 2 hydrotherapy sessions, shower jets, complete 40-mn massage.

- If you wish to make the most of your newborn child, because day-to-day life and stress hinder you from enjoying hos or her early childhood, come and enjoy a 4,6 or 9 day programme that comprises of 5 daily treatments: medical check up, comlete 40-mn massage, 2 hydrotherapy sessions and body modelling.

- The Back relief programme shedles 5 daily treatments: 2 thalasso treatments, marine physiotherapy, foot reflexolgy sessions, 1 complete 40-mn massage.

- The Alf Layla Wa Layla 4, 6 or 9 day programme boasts 5 daily treatments, including 1 hydrotherapy session, 1 alga wrap and rosemary wrap, 1 henna wrap and 1 Rassoul wrap (Moroccan mud boasting moisturizing and softening virtues), 1 Alf Layla Wa Layla massage (60 mn), 1 beauty treatment.
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