Essaouira Medina & Spa

Programmes :

4 different programmes are available :

- The Dynamic Legs programme Hotel is an ideal way of relieving painful legs. It is especially designed to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. This is a 6-day cure comprising the following treatments: 3 hot circulatory je showers, 3 cold circulatory jets, 3 pressotherapies, 2 underwater jet showers, 2 circulatory jet showers, 3 circulatory massages, 3 lymphatic drainages, 3 cyotherapies, 1 jet shower, 1 aqua-leg treatment, 1 seaweed therapy, 1 relaxing massage.

- The 6-day Young Mothers programme is a golden opportunity for mothers to rest and relax after their pregnancy, and experience the delights of Morocco. Forget all about postnatal displeasures such as overweight, fatigue, or depression and enjoy this 6-day cure, with 4 daily treatments: 1 physio/reflexology massage, 3 physio/obstetric massages, 2 relaxing massages, 2 watermassages baths, 3 jet showers, 2 seaweed therapies, 2 underwater showers, 3 affusion modelings, 3 aquagym sessions, 3 marine trails.

- Physical fatigue and mental depression are very often linked. This is why the hotel will do it utmost to help you put your mind and body at rest, and break free from today’s world’s stress and restlessness. To help you fight back stress and/or depression, come and enjoy a 6-day Fitness Shaping up programme including 4 daily treatments to select from the following: seaweed therapy, jet showers, toning showers, massages, hydrojets, affusion showers, underwater showers, watermassages bath, affusion modeling, marine trail with vertical and horizontal geysers, sequence jet showers, watermassage seats, marine fountain. This programme is available to both men and women.

- The 6-day back strain programme especially designed to help relieve back strains and achy joints, such as lumbar, back or cervical pain.
It boasts physiotherapy sessions and massages, as it comprises 4 daily treatments, selected from the following: 3 physiotherapy massages, 1 physio-reflexology massage, 2 physio/stretching massages, 3 physio/back massages, 3 watermassages baths, 3 hydrojets, 3 toning showers, 1 underwater shower, 3 jet showers, 2 affusion modelings, 6 seaweed therapies.
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