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Le Marinedda is a luxury hotel spa set in the north of Sardinia, far off the coast from Italy’s western shores. Come and explore the island’s authenticity, its wild flora, its diverse landscapes, and experience Sardinian culture by visiting the neighbouring small villages.

Make a stop at Marinedda for your Italian holiday and enjoy the delights of its L’Elicriso thalasso spa centre, the most prestigious in the north of Sardinia. Be it for a day, a 3-day or a week-long cure, come and climax your way to relaxation, wellness and well-being at the spa centre, for an original way of spending a holiday in Sardinia.

Hotel Spa Marinedda has 5 different types of thalasso spa cures to offer:

If you feel somewhat restless and stressed, the Anti-Stress thalasso spa cure is a great way to put your mind and body at rest and make the most of your holidays in Italy.
This cure lasts 1, 3 or 6 days and includes hydrotherapy treatments, relaxation sessions, gymnastics and relaxation lessons, and 30-minute ant-stress massages.

For an introduction to thalassotherapy, pick one of the Discovery Packages at the Marinedda spa centre, an ideal way to complement your holidays.
The thalasso spa Discovery Packages can last 1, 3 or 6 days and comprise hydrotherapy treatments, aquagym lessons in the multifunction seawater swimming pool, and 50-minute massages.

You are also free to choose a Mediterranean beauty thalassotherapy spa cure combining seawater and natural ingredients, to help you keep in shape and express your inner and outer beauty. This thalasso spa beauty cure is available over 1, 3 or 6 days and includes hydrotherapy treatments, facial treatments, body treatments and 50-minute massages.

To help slow down the harmful effects of time on your skin and reveal your true beauty, the Marinedda and its thalasso spa centre offer Anti-age cures, which can last 1, 3 or 6 days and comprise hydrotherapy treatments, Aquagym sessions, 3 analytical jet shower sessions in the aquagym pool, body treatments, facial treatments and 25-minute massages.

Feel like going on a slimming diet? Forget all about strict diets, deprivations of all sorts, or sport activities… To help you on your slimming diet, one of Sardinia’s most prestigious thalasso spa centres offers 6-day slimming cures with 6 hydrotherapy treatments, 6 analytical jet shower sessions in the aquagym pool, 3 specific marine body treatments, 6 electrotherapy slimming treatments, and 3 specific slimming massages (50 minutes).

Your thalasso spa holiday in Italy will therefore be a golden opportunity for you to experience pleasure, beauty and wellness. Sardinia’s beaches, promenades, cultural walks and historical visits will most certainly entice you to travel the rest of Italy, in a setting very similar to Corsica!

Please contact us for any additional information regarding the organisation of cures and treatments, according to the duration of your thalasso spa cure
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