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Ischia Mezzatorre

Programmes :

Benefitting from a prime location in the midst of a truly exceptional setting, a climate appropriate for wellness and relaxing, and a spa centre packed with history, the Mezzatorre Thalasso Spa is an absolute must. Situated in Italy on the small island of Ischia, off the coast from Naples, this spa centre will help you climax your way to well-being, peace and quiet thanks to thalasso spa cures focusing on facial and body treatments. The Mezzatorre spa centre offers 10 different thalasso spa cures all aiming at revealing the true expression of your beauty!

The 3-Day Wellness Face and Body Beauty cure, comprises 1 salt and essential oils body peeling, 1 « Full body » themal mud mask, 1 holistic Ayurveda Indian massage, 1 marine swimming pool trail, 1 Kneipp treatment, 1 facial massage, 1 mud massage, 1 frigotherapy, and 1 Cocoon treatment anti-wrinkle facial treatment).

The treatments included in the 3-day Wellness Face Relaxation cure are the following: 2 marine swimming pool trails, 1 whirlpool bath, 1 anti-stress massage, 1 foot reflexology session, 1 holistic Ayurveda Indian massage, 1 complete facial exfoliation, 1 facial moisturizing treatment, as well as 1 Kneipp treatment.

The Wellness Anti-cellulitis cure is a weeklong cure comprising 20 spa treatments including a medical check-up, and treatments such as 6 anti-cellulitis mud treatments, 3 whirlpool baths, 3 Kneipp treatments, 3 pressotherapies, ultrasound anti-cellulitis treatments and 1 frigotherapy. Indeed, most women consider cellulitis as their principal enemy, and it is therefore very important to take care of your own body in order to keep in shape. Massages and wraps are the best way to make cellulitis disappear.

The Wellness Modela Slimming cure is a week-long cure and includes a medical checkup as well as 3 Turkish baths with special shower, 3 whirlpool baths, 3 marine swimming pool trails, 1 Kneipp treatment and 2 ultrasound toning massages.

In order to help you get rid of your stress, the Mezzatorre spa centre offers the Wellness Anti-stress cure, which lasts for a week and includes 1 medical check-up, 1 holistic Ayurveda Indian massage, 1 foot reflexology session, 2 whirlpool baths, 2 anti-stress massages, 2 mud masks, 2 facial massages and 1 Turkish bath with special shower.

The Mezzatorre offers special cures for those more concerned by their health than by anything else, with the Wellness Health cure, which is a week-long cure, comprising a medical check-up, 6 mud baths with thermal showers, 3 marine swimming pool trails, 3 reinvigorating toning massages, 3 physiotherapy sessions and 1 Kneipp treatment.

If you suffer from heavy legs and other blood or vein circulation strains, the Mezzatorre Special Legs’ Programme will answer some of your problems. The cure includes a medical check-up, 5 cold mud baths, 5 Kneipp treatments, 2 frigotherapies, 3 leg lymphatic drainages, 3 pressotherapy sessions and 1 whirlpool bath.

The Week-End Thalasso Wellness Face and Body Beauty cure includes 3 treatments strewn over the weekend to help you relax and recharge your batteries. Indeed, the programme is made up of 1 « Full Body » thermal mud mask, 1 marine swimming pool trail and 1 fruit treatment.

For a reinvigorating two-day long cure, why not try out the Mezzatorre’s Week-end Wellness Reinvigorating Programme, which caters for 1 marine swimming pool trail, 1 Kneipp treatment and 1 tonic massage.

The Weekend Wellness Body Purification Programme comprises 1 Turkish bath with special shower, 1 salt and essential oils body peeling and 1 marine swimming pool trail.

The thalassotherapy cures offered by the Mezzatorre for the time of a quality thalasso break at Mezzatorre hotel in Italy, also come with a very sunny and bright climate and a breathtaking setting in the background. Such surroundings will doubtlessly take you away and you will feel your stress gradually melt away and your batteries recharge!
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