Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

The place :
The Inchydoney Lodge offers a unique, outstanding setting. Cork and surrounding County Cork are situated in the South West of Ireland, a land where rich green landscapes and river valleys contrast with the sandstone hills that stray along the coast.

Recalling Britanny’s jagged and wild shores, the coastline is scooped and carved by the Atlantic into open bays and hidden coves, sprinkled with soft golden sands and dotted by rocky headlands.

Built on a headland sitting between Clonakilty’s two beaches, Inchydoney Lodge features all the facilities worthy of a 4-star european hotel and a high-quality thalasso spa centre, at a mere 50km outside Cork.
Hotels and residences :

Hotel "Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa"

Granted the « Millenium Hotel of the Year » award in 2000, this hotel offers the newest and most luxurious facilities in all of West Cork.

All rooms to choose from share prime views, as the hotel’s accomodation invariably face the sea, from junior suites, to suites and 4 rooms apartments.

The lodge’s bar and its very maritime theme, succesfully recreates the warm and lively atmosphere of traditional Irish pubs, to everyone’s delight.

Moreover, the hotel and the spa centre are directly connected with each other on the premises.

Restaurants :

Restaurant "The Gulf Stream"

This choice restaurant serves a creative cuisine based on seafood and traditional regional dishes. Turbot and sole fish, as well as game meat, are all specialities to indulge yourself with, especially as all dishes come with the finest wine. The Chef largely inspires himself from French and Mediterranean cuisine, flavouring his cooking with delicate oils, herbs or pesto.

You will soon come to forget all a prioris about Irish or English cooking while lunching or dining at the Gulf Stream Restaurant.

Sports and Activities :
The main activity at the head of Britain’s sporting tradition, golf, is also an all-time favorite in the South of Ireland. A partnership between Inchydoney Lodge and the Old Head of Kinsale Golf Links gives full access to a beautiful golf course just 26km away from the hotel, with a spectacular view on the ocean.

For inveterate golf-lovers, other courses are on offer, such as Dunmore, a 9-hole course situated just in front of the hotel, the 6-hole Lisselan course or Bandon golf.

Ireland is also one of the homes of horse riding. An equestrian club is situated just 2km away and gives the opportunity to learn or perfect dressage, jumping or cross-country skills. For more experienced riders, ambitious rides cutting through moors and heaths and along the shoreline are also available.

Big-game fishing amateurs will also find true happiness along the County’s coasts and divers enjoy the prospect of being able to visit the Lusitania, which lies just 30mn out to the sea by boat. Renting out a boat for this occasion is possible.

Other activities on offer: bike-riding, sailing, surfing or even whale observation, depending on seasons.

Baby-sitting services are on offer. The spa centre swimming pool is open to children at certain hours of the day. For those preferring the sea, 2 beaches within walking distance have been awarded the European Blue Flag for the quality of their waters.
Access :
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Airport Transfers from Cork Airport: 60€ one way, organised by the hotel
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A 1h30mn / 2h flight is required to reach Cork from Europe’s major cities (1h40mn from Paris)
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