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Programmes :

The Royal Mare Village offers an ideal combination between thalassotherapy and aesthetics, and boasts a wide range of relaxing and energizing programmes.

- The Beauty Plus programme makes the most of efficient products and beauty treatments (THAL'ION), and full use of the Ocean and the seaweed’s virtues. Cremes, milks, masks all contribute to feed, purify, and tone the skin, all the while ridding it from wrinkles and preventing it from ageing.
4 daily treatments are on offer: 1 aerojet relax bath. 1 day out of 3: 1 beauty treatment (30mn), AquaRoyal®, Aquagym relax and Aquastream. 1 moisturizing massage or a 4-hand face-care massage. 1 day out of 2: 1 relax affusion shower and algae wrap.

- The Vein Tone Painful legs programme helps you fight back and relieve leg strains. It displays 4 daily treatments : A vein tone aerojet bath with essential oils’ circulatory alga cream. 1 day out of 2: foot basin and Aquaroyal, vein tone underwater shower and pressotherapy, 1 lymphatic drainage massage and 1 special leg alga wrap. Walking and swimming ideally complement the treatments by stimulating blood circulation

- The Vertebral Back strain programme was specially designed to stretch out, relax and relieve and back strains. It comprises 4 daily treatments: 1 vertebra aerojet bath, 1 day out of 2: AquaRoyal® and Aquagym, alga wrap, underwater vertebra shower, 1 vertebra massae, and 1 pyhsiotherapy session. Come and relieve your painful back strain.

- With its wide range of marine treatments and specific massages, the Anti-cellulitis programme aims at relieving skin cell congestion and regulating physiological exchanges. It includes 4 daily treatments plus one complete body exfoliation at the beginning of your stay: 1 anti-cellulitis aerojet bath. 1 day out of 3: 1 tonifying jet shower, 1 slimming body wrap, AquaRoyal®, Aquagym and Aquastream, 1 anti-cellulitis massage, Cellu-M6 and 1 underwater energizing shower. Cellulitis is widely considered as women’s beauty’s most dangerous enemy. The programme offers you to reduce it through specific treatments, combined with physical activities and a diet.

- Treatments specially adapted to specific parts of your body will be given out during your programme, in order to free you from tensions. The programme comprises 4 daily treatments such as: 1 relaxing aerijet bath. 1 day out of 3: 1 relaxing affusion shower, 1 underwater relaxing shower. 1 day out of 2: AquaRoyal® and Aquastream, 1 relaxing massage and 1 alga wrap.

- The silhouette Body Shape programme combines thalassotherapy treatments with efficient treatments from the beauty institute, such as toning essential oil massages, or Cellu-M6. Personalized bodybuilding sessions are also on offer at the fitness centre. Your daily treatments: 1 toning aerojet bath. 1 day out of 2: Pressotherapy and 1 tonic jet shower, AquaRoyal® and Aquastream, 1 toning massage, 1 toning and slimming alga wrap, 1 Slimness muscle stimulation. These treatments go together with a Cretan diet, and thus ensure this cure will help you recover energy and vitality.

- Come and enjoy New Energy programme: fitness gymnastics and treatments with an energizing effect, to help guests overcome stress, fatigue and overworking. It comprises 4 daily treatments: 1 energizing aerojet bath. 1 day out of 2: AquaRoyal® and Aquagym. 1 day out of 3: Jet shower, affusion shower and uderwater shower, 1 energizing massage and 1 alga wrap. Come and enjoy new-found energy and vitality at the thalasso centre, just a stone’s throw aay from Heraklion in Crete.

The anti-stress Harmonia is an absolute must. Indeed, it contributes to ridding you from all tensions and helps you climax your way to inner peace and quiet. It innovates by developing a wide range of daily Oriental massages, and includes 4 daily treatments, such as 1 relaxing aroma bath, or 1 essential oil alga wrap. 1 day out of 2: Aroma massage, 4-hand affusion shower, Thai massage and Ayurveda massage.
The medical chech-up and dietician’s appointment come as a supplement. The programme can last for 2, 4, 6 days.

- The Slimming programme is a unique and intensive slimness programme including 5 daily treatments, such as specific massages, Cell-M6 and daily gym sessions at the Fitness centre. It boasts the following treatments:
1 essential oil silhouette aerojet bath, 1 AquaRoyal® - marine trail, 1 day out of 2: Jet shower and energizing underwater shower, slimming alg wrap and Aquastream, toning masage and Cellu-M6. This programme can last 4 or 6 days. The Royal mare Crete is a place of extrement refinement, under the warm and generous Greek sun. Slimming up and shaping up will therefore be a pleasant thing in such a beautiful setting.
Come and enjoy the breathtaking decor the Royal Mare proudly boasts, and reveal your true inner and outer beauty. The Greek climate and the Mediterranean will also contribute to the success of your stay.
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