Saint Jean de Luz

Grand Hotel Saint Jean de Luz

Discovery 2 or 3d :

Your luxury hotel in France, the Grand Hotel Loreamar, welcomes you to taste a discovery course. At the heart of Pays Basque and nearby the Atlantic Ocean, the institute shall provide you with an absolute feel good factor generated by this special package combing seawater treatments and spa. The beneficial effects of this course along with seawater richness and healing properties shall spread in no time throughout your body to uplift your spirit for an overall wellbeing.

Your luxury hotel in France has conceived this discovery course over 2 or 3 days, with a total of 6 or 9 treatments respectively depending on the chosen duration.

On the first day you shall benefit from a Cocoon Relax programme as follows: 

- a 20-minute soothing seawater bath with orange and lavandin oils: this relaxing multi-sensorial based treatment shall enable you to totally relax
- a body wrap with aromatic essences followed by a scalp massage (a 25-minutes treatment)
- a 50-minute Balinese massage. Coconut-based, this massage combines various energetics techniques to help you unwind and to relax your muscles

The second day focuses on the energy theme with : 

- a 25-minute Kansu treatment: this Indian foot massage shall bring you vim and relaxation
- a 25-minute mineralizing algae wrap
- a 50-minute hot stones massage: combined with a massage using essential oils, the heated stones shall diffuse their heat throughout the body for an overall wellbeing

The third day of your holidays in your luxury hotel in France shall be dedicated to wellness and where you shall benefit from:

- a 15-minute underwater jet for stimulating the circulation
- a 50-minute wellbeing massage with bio-hazelnut's oil
- a 60-minute facial care
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