Fréjus Provence

Harmony 6d :

This Harmony Package was designed to help you regain the balance between your body and mind, and be more aware of your body's needs.

This package is made up of 30 treatments spread over 6 days:
-1 full body scrub at the beginning of the course
-17 individual hydrotherapy treatments
-3 underwater showers
-6 massages
-3 seaweed wraps

This packages starts on Mondays only.

Along with your treatments, you shall also have access to the indoors heated sea water pool, the hammam and herbal tea bar. You shall also be able to take gym classes with a monitor.

Slippers are compulsory (either bring yours or buy them at the centre). Sportswear also compulsory for the fitness area.

Note that the medical consultation is compulsory for a course lasting a minimum of 4 days. You can schedule an appointment with the doctor at the centre (counted as a surcharge), or bring your own medical certificate clearing you for treatments.

After this Harmony Spa in Fréjus, you shall feel relaxed and well, the balance between your body and mind shall be restored. The Mediterranean Sea and warm colors of the French Provence will add to your well-being, making of your spa holidays in Southern France your most restful holidays.
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