Fréjus Provence

Shaping Up 6d :

If you need to take a break and relax, think about this Shaping Up Package in Port-Fréjus. Not only will it help you rest, it will boost your well-being, giving you back the tonus and energy you need for your everyday life.

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the relxing centre of Fréjus proposes to you a sunny and colorful spa vacation in France with the following treatments:
-10 individual hydrotherapy treatments
-3 seaweed wraps
-3 massages
-2 hydrojets sessions
-6 treatments in the pool

On top of the treatments, the institute gives you access to the indoors sea water heated pool, the hammam and herbal tea bar. You shall also have the option of gym classes with a specialized teacher.

The bathrobe, towels and bath cap are provided.

Slippers are compulsory (either bring yours or buy them at the centre). Sportswear also compulsory for the fitness area.

Note that the medical consultation is compulsory for a course lasting a minimum of 4 days. You can schedule an appointment with the doctor at the centre (counted as a surcharge), or bring your own medical certificate clearing you for treatments.

For a tonifying spa vacation in France, the wellness centre of Port-Fréjus, on the Cote d'Azur, offers more than just treatments ; sight seeing of the region, hiking and rock climbing, visits of the picturesque villages of the French Provence...are among the numerous activities you shall be able to enjoy.
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