Bandol Thalasso Spa - French Riviera

Massages of The World 6d :

Embark on a sensual trip around the world ! 

With this special Massages of the World Package, the Bandol Centre in the south of France manages to easily combine the pleasures of a spa in Provence with all the benefits of a thalasso. With rituals from India, China or Bali, this package is fully dedicated to your pleasure only.

This package has a total of 24 treatments such as:
-1 affusion massage
-9 individual treatments: hydrojet, pressotherapy, jet shower, affusion shower, underwater shower
-6 hydromassaging baths with uneartly scents
-3 algae wraps with unearthly scents
-2 relaxation massages with essential oils
-1 deep relaxation massage or 1 hot stone massage
-1 Shiatsu massage (Japanese massage with digito-pression)
-1 Californian massage

Soothing for the body and mind, this package offers well-being, on the shores of the Mediterranean in an enchanting setting that is the Cote d'Azur.
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