Bandol Thalasso Spa - French Riviera

Newly Mom 6d :

A post natal course is the best way to recuperate after giving birth. The enchanting setting of your hotel will undoubtedly provide to you the peace and serenity you are looking for.

The Newly Mom Package is as follows:
-3 affusion massages
-3 aqua gym group sessions
-6 individual treatments: hydrojet, pressotherapy, jet shower, underwater jet shower
-3 either algae balm or essential oils massages
-3 hydromassaging baths with slimming algae jam
-3 precious hydromassages baths
-3 sea weed wraps with unearthly scents
-1 body scrub
-1 facial
-1 « beautiful hands » treatments

This package offers a blend of balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, and treatments to help you get revitalized from head to toe during a beneficial stay in the South of France.

It is available as from 3 months after giving birth and before the baby's 9th month, as soon as your perineal rehabilitation is complete.

And for even more serenity, the accompanying guest may stay in the mother's room, free of charge, if it is a post natal package, on a half board basis. They shall thus be able to look after the baby while the mommy will be enjoying her treatments peacefully.
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