Bandol Thalasso Spa - French Riviera

Circulation for 6 days :

To regain comfort and lightness of your bottom limbs, your well-being institute in the south of France, proposes to you its very own Circulation Package for 6 days.

It combines the benefits of sea water and circulation treatments that help improve the venous circulation and relief the sensation of heavy legs.

24 individual treatments and 3 group treatments are planned for you:
-2 shaping massages under an affusion shower
-3 group aqua gym sessions
-8 individual treatments: hydrojets, pressotherapy, affusion shower, underwater shower, sea weed wrap
-3 hydro-massaging baths with sea weed jam
-3 cold sea weed cooling application
-2 sea weed shaping balm
-2 draining massages
-3 cryotherapy sessions
-1 feet reflexology

On top of the beneficial treatments in these packages, you shall enjoy the enchanting surroundings of the institute. Bandol is indeed an exceptional destination for well-being holidays on the Mediterranean !
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