Antibes - French Riviera near Nice

Nutritional Balance 6d :

The institute proposes to you its very own slimming package. The Nutritional Balance course was designed to gently get you into shape, while keeping a close medical and nutritional look on you. You shall get to taste delicious dietetic meals at the hotel's restaurant. 

To help your body regain tonicity and strength, this package associates the beneficial properties of sea water to a well balanced and good nutritional habits. For this Nutritional Balance Package to work fully, the full board is compulsory.

To help with your diet, the hotel's restaurant of the centre will prepare inventive and balanced dietetic menus for you only. No drastic diets, just pleasurable meals to help you slim down nicely.

Your relaxing break on the Cote d'Azur comprises of 27 treatments for 6 days such as:
-2 affusion massages
-7 individual hydrotherapy treatments
-3 group sessions
-6 hydromassing baths with slimming seaweed jam
-1 grapefruit body scrub
-1 body massage with seaweed balm
-1 thermosudation session with seaweed
-2 wraps withunearthly scents
-1 skin rolling massage
-2 watermass massages
-1 dietetic consultation

The nutritional assessment and the dietetic follow up will help you regain better eating habits.

You shall also have free access to the recreational sea water pool of 33° -as well as the activities around it, the solarium and all of its 3 outdoors pools (amongst which a heated pool), to the cardio-training room and to the gym courses, sauna or Turkish baths.

To help you reach your slimming goal, recommended gym and fitness sessions are proposed to you in the recreational area.

To loose as much weight as possible, enjoy all the other sports activities.

This Package starts on Mondays only (you must thus arrive at the hotel on Sunday).

Bath cap and anti-slippery slippers are compulsory, they are offered. Bathrobes and towels are also provided. 

The medical consult is compulsory and is included.
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