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Nutritional Balance 6d :

The Thalazur “chrono-nutrition” along with the Nutritional Balance Package to help you regain the nutritional balance you are looking for, without frustration and privation. There, you only have to change your bad habits and enjoy real moments of gourmet pleasures.

With this package, it is recommended you take the full board as it is the only way for you to benefit completely from this package. The half board package simply wont allow you to slim as effectively.

A consultation with a dietitian is scheduled for you.

The course comprises 27 treatments for 6 days with about 4 to 5 treatments per day. This package starts on Mondays only and features the following:

-3 group treatments: marine stretching
-8 individual hydrotherapy treatments: underwater shower, hydrojets, thalaxion (full- body draining cabins with small jets of varying temperature), shower jets
-3 affusion massages

The extras of this Nutritional Balance Package are:
-2 general massages
-1 nutritional assessment
-1 lymph draining
-3 seaweed wraps with unearthly scents
-3 “thermosudation” seaweed applications
-3 hydromassaging baths with slimming seaweed jam

For the duration of your sojourn, you shall have free access to the recreational area: multifunctional pool, sauna and hammam, resting room, fitness room, and gym and aqua-gym courses.

To optimize your weight loss, you are advised to gradually participate in the many physical activities proposed by the institute. Moreover, enjoy the herbal tea area and its delicious infusions that have beneficial diuretic effects.

You can also visit the surroundings and discover the treasures of Western France such as the Palmyre Zoo and city of La Rochelle about 70km away from Royan; or enjoy the diverse aquatic activities offered, or even try yourself out at golf at the Golf Course of Royan.

The bath-cap and slippers are compulsory. They are offered. Bathrobes and towels are also provided.
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