Royan Spa Resort

Newly Mom 6d :

This Newly Mom Package is ideal to help you cope with Baby's arrival in peace and serenity. It must take place between the 3rd and 9th month after birth. The treatments it comprises are designed to erase the effects and physiological modifications caused by pregnancy. After this 6-day course, you shall feel lighter, less tired and fully revitalized.

This package features 27 treatments for 6 days and starts on Mondays only. You shall thus enjoy 4 to 5 treatments per day :
-3 group treatments: marine stretching
-8 individual hydrotherapy treatments: shower jets, underwater shower, hydrojets, thalaxions
-3 affusion massages

The extras for this package are:
-1 full massage
-2 baby massages
-lymph draining
-3 “thermosudation” seaweed wraps
-1 hydromassaging bath with baby
-2 “precious” hydromassages
-1 “aquatic awakening garden”
-1 Maria Galland emphytheutic treatment

For the duration of your Newly Mom Spa Package, you shall have free access to the recreational area that features a multifunction pool, sauna, Turkish bath, resting room, fitness room and all gym and aqua-gym sessions. Moreover, these activities should emphasize the beneficial effects of the course and are highly recommended.

To learn how to help your baby to relax you shall be able to choose a massage for him, counted as a surcharge.

The bath-cap and slippers are compulsory inside the centre. They are offered. Bathrobes and towels are also provided.

Note that the medical consultation is included in this package.

The fine environment of the resort will be beneficial to your baby and you. The weather being nearly as good as the Mediterranean weather, this vacation should bring you both all the fresh air and vitality you need after having given birth.

If you wish to get away for a half day, try crossing the Gironde River and visiting the vineyards that can be found across.
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