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Cures and Treatments - Lucien Barriere - La Baule :

This thalasso spa centre offers you the following spa cure for you to choose from:

Slimming thalasso spa cure:
It comprises 2 daily thalasso treatments, 2 dialy beauty treatments, as well as a dietician’s appointment and daily diet meals at the restaurant.

Slimming Diet Thalasso spa cure (6-9 or 12 days):
It includes: 3 individual thalasso treatments per day, 1 group thalasso treatment, 2 dietetician’s appointments, 2 impedance-metrics mesures, 1 diet conference, 2 relaxation sessions, 1 or 2 cooking classes, 1 breathing training lesson, 1 daily physical activity session with a sport teacher, 2 tea breaks a day, 1 informational meeting on eating habit and diet food, daily diet control at the restaurant, 3-month diet control by telephone, after the cure

Prenatal thalasso spa cure:
It comprises: 3 thalasso treatments a day (2 individual and 1 group treatment), 1 medical check-up during the cure, specific dietician’s appointment, 2 relaxation sessions with a relaxation therapist, 1 aquatic labour and baby delivery training, 1 face care treatment (30-mn), 1 personal appointment with the gynecologist-obstetrician concerning prenatal and postnatal matters, sport activities and relaxing at the thalasso spa centre and in the hotel itself.

Harmony Thalasso spa cure:
It features 3 daily thalasso treatments, 1 daily algomeres treatment, 2 relaxation sessions a week, 6 anti-ageing face or body care treatments (according to your skin’s needs and requirements): 3 face care treatments, 3 body treatments, 1 discussion group meeting on the prevention and treatment of cetains affections (menopause or osteoporosis).

Dynamic legs thalasso spa cure:
It features 3 thalassotherapy treatments a day, a Datavein treatment, 2 lymphatic drainages during the week and a dietetic schedule (after a dietetician’s appointment)

Mother and Child thalasso spa cure:
It features 4 daily thalasso treatments, dietetic and relaxation sessions, 1 thalassotherapy treatment for your baby and a session with your baby in the swimming pool.

Postnatal thalasso spa cure:
It features a medical consultation, 5 thalassotherapy treatments a day...

Riches Heures thalasso spa cure:
It comprises: 4 daily thalassotherapy treatments for 6 days, accomodation, diet half-board or traditional, 1 daily green-fee per person at the La Baule international golf club, a compulsory medical check-up upon your arrival at the thalassotherapy centre.

Medimer Senior thalasso spa cure:
It includes 4 daily thalasso spa treatments, 1 dietician’s appointment, 1 memory check appointment, impedance-metrics measures, menopause/andropause appointment, personalized physical activities programme. The thalasso centre will also offer you a personalized physical activity schedule you can take home with you for advice and information on anti-ageing programmes.

Morpheus thalasso spa cure:
It features: 6 individual thalassotherapy spa treatments over the course of the week, 3 specific massages, 1 daiy aquagym session, 1 luxtherapy session a day, 3 sport coaching sessions, 3 relaxation sessions, 1 hour conference on physiological sleep, 1 golf geen fee offered a day.

Anti stress Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It is made up of 3 thalasso treatments a day, 4 swimming pool or inside relaxation sessions with a relaxation therapist, stress management workshops.

Anti tobacco Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It comprises: 4 daily thalasso treatments, 4 relaxation and relaxation therapy sessions, 4 doctor’s appointments and 1 medical check-up, 1 end of cure balance sheet to measure your weaning degree over the next three months, 1 dietician’s appointment with diet control in the centre’s restaurant.

Arthrosis Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It includes: 3 or 4 specific thalassotherapy treatments a day and lasts 6 days. It also provides guests with an end of cure particular balance sheet.

Beauty Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It boasts 2 individual thalassotherapy treatments and 1 group treatment, 1 personnalized face care treatment, 1 body exfoliation, 1 facial drainage and 1 relaxing body modeling, 1 manucure, 1 free golf green fee offered every day.

Back Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It displays 3 daily specific thalassotherapy treatments, 4 back training workshops and 5 back exercises sessions, medical check-up, medical control with end of cure balance sheet, 2 Jacobson’s muscular relaxation sessions.

Sport Thalgo thalasso spa cure:
It features 3 daily thalassotherapy treatments, 1 personalized cardio-training programme, 1 face care beauty treatment, 1 dietician’s appointment, medical check-up and control with a specialist.

Complicity thalasso spa cure:
The Complicity thalasso cure is an unforgettable moment for mothers and daughters to enjoy together. It includes the following treatments for daughters: 3 thalassotherapy treatments a day. For Mothers, it features 1 thalasso treatment, 3 beauty treatments, 3 individual sessions to choose from the following selection: diet, sport, relaxation therapy and osteopathy. You will also be free to enjoy the golf course, as a green fee per person is catered for every day. Mothers and daughters will also be invited to spend time at the hotel’s partner hairdresser’s salon, where a blow-dry session is offered.

Discovery Thalasso weekend cure (2d/2n) (3d/3n) (4d/4n):
Regardless of the length of your stay, this thalasso spa cure offers the following services and amenities: accommodation in Tradition room, buffet or continental breakfast, 3 thalassotherapy treatments a day, and free access to the Health Club Royal Thalasso.
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