La Grande Motte

La Grande Motte

Slimming 6d :

Go on a seaside trip to the Mediterranean shores to lose weight and get slim!

The sea air already wishes you all the best ... the iodine it contains naturally activates fat burning mechanisms and help you get slim in short time.

The success of a Slimming Package resides in an individualized treatment: a medical and nutritional follow-up tailored to your needs and a harmonious, strengthening, relaxing and anti-cellulite treatment package.

You will already obtain the results in the first week of treatment.

This trip takes place at the Mediterranean seaside spa resort “La Grande Motte”, in the department of Hérault, near Montpellier.

It comprises 34 treatments performed during 6 days after an individual metabolic assessment, particularly designed to help you lose weight.

It will help you become slim by effectively fighting against overweight, cellulite, hygiene and nutrition disorders through specific slimming treatments and an adapted nutritional follow-up.

Yourpackage comprises:

1 nutritional and dietetic follow-up on the week

Individual treatments:

- 4 jacuzzi baths
- 4 draining jet showers
- 3 underwater baths
- 3 algae wraps
- 2 relaxation massages
- 2 Power Plate sessions
- 1 Cellu M6 session
- 6 Body Sculptor sessions
- 4 cryotherapy sessions

Group treatments:

- 3 aquagym sessions
- 2 seaside hiking

Free access to the fitness and relaxation areas: indoor heated seawater pool, 400 sq. m. outdoor swimming-pool, sauna, hammam, resting room and shaping up room.

Compulsory Medical consultation or a less than 15 days no counter-indication certificate.

Combine weight loss and pleasure with this spa journey in the Mediterranean. The thalasso resort La Grande Motte is situated in an ideal environment, on the sea side, in the Languedoc Roussillon region.
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