La Grande Motte

La Grande Motte

Zen 6d :

Depending on everyone's expectations and aspirations, the Zen Package is primarily based on a different range of spa, esthetic and above all massage therapies: fascia-therapy, holistic therapy, shiatsu, Thaï massage, plantar reflexology, Californian massage.

Your package includes in total 18 treatments, only individual ones:

- 2 jacuzzi baths with essential oils
- 1 underwater shower
- 3 grand showers
- 1 massage with affusion showers
- 2 algae wraps
- 1 scrub with Camargue sea salt or flower oils and petals under affusion showers
- 1 facial
- 1 Om Shanti
- 1 plantar reflexology
- 1 relaxation massage
- 1 shiatsu or Thaï massage
- 1 Californian massage
- 1 massage with hot stones
- 1 Ayurvedic massage

Free access to the fitness and relaxation areas: indoor heated seawater pool, 400 sq. m. outdoor swimming-pool, sauna, hammam, resting room, and shaping up room.

Compulsory medical consultation or a less than 15 days no counter-indication certificate.

You will undoubtedly succeed to regain tranquility at the Mediterranean sea shore. Sea and sun will help you get rid of the stress you have accumulated, and the treatments will bring you an immense relaxation.

At La Grande Motte resort, where blows an air of very pleasant holidays, your worries will be rapidly cast away.

The institute is connected to the Mediterranean spa hotel “La Grande Motte” where you will enjoy all the comforts of a 3 star hotel.
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