La Grande Motte

La Grande Motte

Tonic Legs 6d :

La Grande Motte's Tonic Legs Package is a program composed of 30 treatments performed during 6 days to treat the circulatory affections of the veinous return: heavy legs, varixes, varicosities, edemas.

It is intended to restore the veinous return by stimulating the muscular pump of the calf.

The program includes:

Individual treatments:

- 3 jacuzzi baths with essential oils
- 3 circulating jet showers
- 3 algae wraps
- 3 massage with affusion showers
- 3 pressotherapy sessions
- 6 cryotherapy sessions
- 1 feet refloxology sessions
- 2 draining massages

Group treatments:

- 4 aquagym sessions
- 2 circulatory gym in room

Free access to the fitness and relaxation areas: indoor heated seawater pool, 400 sq. m. outdoor swimming-pool, sauna, hammam, resting room, and shaping up room.

Compulsory medical consultation or a less than 15 days no counter-indication certificate.

With this Mediterranean spa holiday, you will manage to cast away the sensation of heavy legs and facilitate the flow of blood in your lower limb.

Feet and legs are less inflated: you will obtain a real feeling of lightness.

In order to improve the effects of the anti-heavy legs treatments, consider doing some hiking in the hinterland and in the nearby of Navacelles or Saint Guilhem le Désert; or you can simply go for a short walk in the streets of La Grande Motte.
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