Canet en Roussillon

Les Flamants Roses

Gourmet & Slimming 6d :

Combine a gourmet cuisine with a slimming course for you relaxing and discovery seawater vacation in Southern France.

This package is a special dedication to all those who enjoy gourmet cuisine, but who also wish to slim down without having to give up their guilty pleasure. Benefit from slimming and anti-cellulite treatments with light but delicious meals. The refined setting of the Flamants Roses Grand Hotel will help you enjoy a divine vacation in Southern France.

You will be surrounded by professional therapists that will help you acquire good eating habits so that when you leave from you spa in Canet en Roussillon, you shall be able to continue slimming down while enjoying delicious gourmet meals.

Benefit from 5 treatments per day with this package:
-1 full body lymph draining alternated with 1 affusion massage
This treatment will eliminate all the toxins in your body through regular and light pressure applied all over your body which will stimulate your lymphatic system, added to this, you shall enjoy a gentle massage under a heated sea water shower.

-1 skin-rolling massage alternated with 1 mechanical draining.
The skin-rolling session is a tonifying massage and moulding of the skin that will both detach and reduce cellulite while the mechanical draining is a very effective treatment against cellulite.

-1 underwater shower alternated with 1 multijets bath
For this treatment, your lower body shall be drained with a variable pressure jet or a neck to foot massage with hydrojets while you are lying in a heated sea water bath which will undoubtedly make you all better and refreshed.

-1 pressotherapy session alternated with 1 shower jet
Pressotherapy: get lighter legs with this progressive lymphatic draining of your lower limbs and improve the blood circulation.
Shower jet: this powerful heated sea water jet acts like a massage that will unblock the cellulite areas, thus stimulating your muscles and circulation.

-1 invigorating seaweed wrap alternated with 1 aqua-gym session or 1 underwater jet
With this treatment, your body shall be completely covered with remineralizing algae. You shall then be wrapped in a heated blanket that facilitates the absorption of minerals. Your muscles will be relaxed and your skin rehydrated. After that, you may choose the aqua-gym session during which you shall execute some tonifying movements to enhance the elasticity of your muscles. The underwater jets are for the circulation, and are there to tonify and help your muscles relax.

As a complement to your treatments, you shall have access to the real oriental Turkish Bath, the marine area, sauna, fitness room, solarium and herbal tea bar while on your spa break in Southern France.

The bathrobe and towels are provided. The bath-cap, swimsuit and slippers are compulsory inside the seawater centre of Canet En Roussillon (they can either be brought along or bought at the centre).

Note that the medical visit is counted as a surcharge and is to be paid straight away at the institute. The minimum age required to receive treatments at the thalasso centre is 18.
Free access to the centre's facilities for people over 16 year-old from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m, for those under 16 under parental supervision from 1 p.m. to 2h30 p.m. and from 6h30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

This Gourmet & Slimming Package is available on a half board or full board basis. You can also ask for a dietetic full board.
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