Roscoff Brittany

Active Legs 6d :

Sea water and thalassotherapy are known and efficient remedies against the heavy legs syndrome and circulatory problems in the lower limbs.

With the special techniques of the spa centre of Roscoff in Brittany you shall quickly be relieved and feel lighter as well as a better blood circulation in your lower limbs, mostly after your pressotherapy sessions.

This Active Legs Package of Brittany lasts 6 days and comprises of 24 treatments as follows:

-3 tonifying leg massages
-3 pressotherapy sessions
-3 phlebotones
-2 active walks for the circulation
-3 algo-cryotherapy sessions
-1 underwater shower
-3 manual hydromassages
-3 aquagym sessions
-3 hydromassage legs baths

The medical consult is compulsory and is included in this package.

While on your spa holidays in Brittany, take the time to discover the beauties of the Northwestern region of France and enjoy the beneficial iodine air of the Atlantic during long walks along the coast.
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