Roscoff Brittany

Health 6d :

This Health Package proposed to you by the spa centre of Roscoff in Brittany is a reference in the thalassotherapy world.

It is adapted to the specific needs of each guest with its personalized program which blends treatments such as the skin rolling spa treatment to the beneficial effects of sea water based treatments.

This package aims at the articulatory, muscular, rheumatic, traumatic pains, or the pains caused by a sedentary way of life.

The package also cures osteoporosis and circulatory syndromes.

The personalized program is drawn after a medical consultation underwent upon your arrival at the centre (included in this package).

The 5 daily treatments are scheduled by alternating every other day:
-skin rolling massage followed by a seaweed jacuzzi session
-affusion shower (or abdominal) followed by a shower jet.

To these basic treatments are associated other treatments according to the kind of ailments: cataplasms based applications, in-pool or in room rehabilitation, shower jet, underwater jet, manuluve, hydromassage bath, phlebotone, relaxation, marine aerosol, algo-cryotherapy, electrotherapy, ultrasounds. Your package will therefore be personalized after the medical visit.
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