Roscoff Brittany

Anti-Stress 6d :

Work, overworking, pollution, insomnia... All are factors of stress. This stress can be seen through several symptoms: sleeping or eating disorders, fatigue, anxiety and even depression.

To avoid these disagreements and prevent them from settling in, the best thing is to have a good hygiene, a well balanced diet and practice some physical activity regularly.

To help you attain that, the team of the spa centre of Northwestern France in Roscoff has put in place a program to help you manage your stress and show you how to relax with the help thalassotherapy treatments.

This package lasts 6 days and comprises of the following treatments:

-3 anti-stress massages (45min)
-3 relaxation massages (20min)
-6 seaweed cream wraps
-3 underwater showers
-3 affusion showers
-3 shower jets
-3 hydromassage baths
-1 aquatic relaxation session
-1 outdoors oxygenation session
-1 holistic gymnastics session

The medical consult is optional.

To make your spa vacation in Brittany all the more complete, go for walks and trips to discover the region. You shall be delighted with the magnificent view that this part of France has to offer.
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