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Slimming 6d :

Are you really motivated to lose weight? If you have made up your mind to go ahead, consider going for a thalasso spa trip in Douarnenez, in Brittany. The institute of Thalasstonic Hotel will help you get through this challenge by its specialized wellness treatments and an adapted diet to make you achieve your slimming objective.

The slimming package is set up under strict medical control. It is guaranteed that the results will be noticed during your stay at Douarnenez. Thin silhouette, better body waste elimination, sensation of lightness and well-being are the effects you will obtain after undergoing this treatment package.

It lasts 6 days and comprises the following treatments:

- 3 Skintonic sessions to thin up your silhouette and mitigate cellulite (depressomassage device)
- 3 palper-rouler massages
- 6 special slimming algae wraps
- 6 jet showers
- 3 jacuzzis
- 3 tonic gym sessions
- 6 aquagym sessions
- 1 personal interview with the dietitian of the hotel
- 1 Slimming guide

Entry and leave medical consultations are included and compulsory.

In addition to the treatments, you will have free access to the relaxation area with ludic seawater swimming-pool fitted with swan neck taps and underwater massaging jets, jacuzzis, hammam, sauna, marine course, and cardio-training room.

Bathrobes and towels are provided. Bring along your bathing cap and pool sandals (from home or bought in Douarnenez), which are compulsory material. Also bring two bath-suits, sportswear and suitable shoes to benefit from the cardio-training and some of the group activities.

Of course, the results will depend on your motivation and the attention you paid to your diet. The treatments are to help you in your slimming process and procure you relaxation and tonicity. A regular physical activity improves the effects of the thalasotherapy. Why not going for an adventure in the moorland of Brittany or the cliffs along the border of the Atlantic Ocean for long walks by feet or bike?

Thalasstonic hotel in Brittany is situated in an ideal environment in Finistère, so take advantage of your thalasso break to discover the surroundings.
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