Douarnenez Thalasstonic

Escape 6d :

Offer yourself a relaxing vacation in Douarnenez within the stimulating and resourceful setting of Brittany.

Nestled at the bottom of the bay named after its name, Douarnenez, a famous maritime capital and seaside health resort, invites you for a thalassotherapy in Brittany to escape your stressful daily life! Besides, the peaceful and appeasing environment will surely contribute to your well-being in general.

At the heart of an enchanting and authentic setting, Douarnenez thalasso centre is well protected from the wind; thus enabling you to only enjoy the benefits of sea air in serenity ...

The Escape Package comprises 12 treatments done during 6 days, i.e. 2 treatments per day. You will enjoy:

- 1 massage of back or legs
- 1 affusion shower
- 2 relaxing baths with frozen algae
- 2 laminar algae wraps
- 6 aquagym sessions
+ free access to the aqua relaxation area of the institute: seawater swimming-pool and fitness area (apart from group sessions), at the walk river, jacuzzi, sauna, and hammam.

As a complement to your course, go at the discover of the treasures and riches of this genuine and picturesque region: its colored ancient walls and alleys, and lots more to discover.

If you are a lover of nature and water sport, you can go in for one of these interesting activities: sailing, windsurf, diving, marine cave sightseeing by tourist speedboat, hiking by feet or mountain bike on the various prepared paths along the seaside.

Medical checkup is optional.

If you are accommodated in the 3 star hotel, your Escape program starts on sunday and ends on saturday i.e. it lasts 6 days and 6 nights. Whereas if you choose to stay at the Residence, your package will be performed during 6 days and 7 nights (from sunday till the following sunday).
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