Douarnenez Thalasstonic

Senior Vitality 6d :

Intended for young retirees, this thalasso therapy in Brittany is aimed at enabling them to enter into a new phase of life by facing new physiological changes and meeting the needs of their body. The rhythm of your new life implies changes in your activities, nutrition, sleep ...

With your help, the physician will perform an assessment of your physical, medical and dietetic conditions so that you can have concrete information on how to take care of your health by following what is in the advice notebook handled to you when you leave the institute. The specific treatments in the Senior Vitality package will contribute to your shaping up by remineralizing, hydrating and firming up your overworked organism.

This 6 day-long package comprises 27 treatments:

- 3 tonic massages
- 3 affusion massages
- 3 jet or affusion showers
- 3 baths with circulatory oils
- 6 remineralizing algae wraps
- 3 aquagym sessions
- 3 muscular awakening sessions (mobilization of all articulations and gentle stretching of muscles in order to relax and tone up the entire body)
- 3 esthetic treatments: tonic, lifting and hydrating anti-aging facial and body care
- 1 personal interview with the dietitian

Entry medical consultation is compulsory and included.

In addition, you will have free access to the relaxation area with ludic seawater swimming-pool fitted with swan neck taps and underwater massaging jets, jacuzzis, hammam, sauna, marine course, and cardio-training room.

Bathrobes and towels are provided by the resort. Bring along your bathing cap and pool sandals (from home or bought in Douarnenez), which are compulsory. Also bring two bath-suits, sportswear and suitable shoes to benefit from the cardio-training and some of the group activities.

During your thalassotherapy journey in Britany, indulge yourself in the beneficial effects of oceanic climate and sea air.
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