Sleep Package 6d :

Sleep occupies one-third of our lifetime. First of all, it should be repairing and generate pleasant dreams.

Stress, hectic life and other pressures often put our sleep at risk, thus preventing our body from recuperating.

This package proposed by is a specific treatment enabling you to retrieve a normal sleep rhythm. It is based on luxtherapy. From the combination of the latin word “lux” meaning “light” and the greek word “therapia”, luxtherapy is a treatment by means of light used to synchronize your biological clock and make you retrieve a normal life and sleep rhythm. In addition, there will be sophrology sessions to help you learn how to manage your stress and deeply relax.

This treatment must start on mondays. It is carried out during 6 days, and consists of 30 treatments in total:

- 5 sophrology sessions from monday to friday

- 3 pool relaxation sessions accompanied by music

- 3 relaxing massages

- 3 special massages all over the body combining pressures, stretching and mobilization (kansu, nuad bo ram)

- 5 luxtherapy sessions under lamps with very luminous rays

- 11 individual treatments: hydromassage bath, affusion shower, underwater shower, algae wrap

Added to your course, you also enjoy a free access to the marine area of the thalasso centre: indoor heated seawater swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, body-building room, and a 30 mn sea ride every day of your stay.

Bathrobes and towels are lent to the guests, and bathing caps are offered. Wearing pool sandals is compulsory at the centre; you can bring yours from home or buy at a shop in Dinard.

Medical consultation is compulsory for any break lasting 4 or more consecutive days. The guests, failing to do so, should bring along a non counter-indication certificate or can have the medical consultation with the physician of the institute (with extra charge).

Brittany's famous resort, Dinard, is a calm and restful spot on the Channel's shore, easily and rapidly accessible from Paris.

Learn to relax by thalasso spa, reconcile with your body and all it needs while resting, and retrieve a natural life rhythm at Dinard luxury spa resort.
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