Brittany Quiberon

Slimming 6d :

You shall be able to combine hydrotherapy treatments to beauty treatments with this Slimming Package.

Away from the stressful and tumultuous city life, you shall be able to enjoy the calmness and serenity of the Breton Coast while breathing in the strong iodine air of the Atlantic Ocean.

This Slimming Package is ideal for those who wish to loose some weight without all the negatives of a harsh diet. For more efficiency, we recommend you combine this package with the well-being/diet menu of the hotel's restaurant.

The Low-Cal full board is compulsory for this spa package.

During your holiday at the luxury spa resort of Brittany, you shall have a total of 30 treatments such as:

-1 full body scrub at the beginning of your course
-9 individual slimming treatments
-4 wraps
-6 slimming treatments
-1 relaxing massage
-3 underwater jets sessions
-6 sports sessions
-2 dietetic consults
-1 nutrition and dietetic workshop

To complete your break, you will have free access to the heated sea water pool, sauna, hammam and fitness area of the institute.

Bathrobes and towels are provided. The bathcap is offered to the guests staying in the guests staying at the hotel. Slippers are compulsory inside the institute (you can either bring them along or buy them at the centre).

Note that the medical consult is compulsory for packages lasting 4 days or more. You shall be able to undergo the medical consult at the centre or bring along your own.
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