Brittany Quiberon

Coaching 6d :

At the heart of Brittany, in the Morbihan department, the peninsula of Quiberon is the ideal destination for a relaxing vacation in Northwestern France. There you shall be able to rest and relax and enjoy delightful treatments at the fully equipped wellness centre, and also discover the Northwestern region of France and all its beauties.

Regain your health and tonus with this Tonifying Coaching Package, in Quiberon.

This course was designed for those who wish to find tonus and dynamism. It is also ideal if you are looking forward to start doing some sport. The package lasts 6 days and comprises relaxing and invigorating treatments.

The program of this package is as follows:

-1 H Scan evaluation
-1 physical performance and stamina evaluation (cardio-vascular, stretchiness and muscle tonicity tests)
-3 individual sessions of 1 hour with a coach in a fitness room for muscular reinforcement and cardio-training sessions
-3 personalized individual multi-sport sessions of 1 hour with a coach : iodine walks, bicycle, dynamism walk, swimming, gym.
-6 tonifying in-pool treatments: aquagym, underwater jets, aquatic course
-12 individual tonifying or relaxing treatments: 3 affusion massages, 3 massages, 3 seaweed wraps, hydromassaging bath, sophrology and yoga sessions

To complete your package, you shall have free access to the heated sea water pool, sauna, hammam and fitness room of the institute for the duration of your stay.

The bathrobe and towels are provided. Bathcap is offered to the guests staying at the hotel. Slippers are compulsory (on sale at the hotel if you didn't bring yours).

The medical consult is compulsory for packages lasting 4 days or more. You shall be able to undergo the medical consult at the spa centre with the doctor (not included in the package). Or you can also bring along your own medical certificate clearing you for treatments.

Moreover, you will enjoy the beauties and treasures of the peninsula. Nautical and terrestrial activities as well as cultural outings will be proposed to you.
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