Belle Ile en Mer Castel Clara

Heavy Legs 6d :

Do you remain seated for too long? And drive around only? Do you live a sedentary life that causes you to feel you have heavy legs and experience cramps ?

This Heavy Legs Package will relieve you from this uncomfortable state and give you back your youth's legs.

The treatments chosen aim at the blood and lymphatic circulation in your legs. Along with muscular exercises, this program will help you make the results last longer, throughout your everyday life.

For your vacation at the spa resort of Northern France, you shall benefit from 4 daily treatments:
-lymph massage or heavy leags massage (alternated),
-cryotherapy or slimming bath or underwater shower (alternated)
-underwater jets

During your half-days of treatment in Belle Ile en Mer, you shall have free access to the indoors heated sea water pool with jacuzzi and swans neck ducts, the sauna, Turkish bath, light-therapy cabin, recreational shower (a fun shower course with light and scents), and the resting room with its panoramic view of the Goulphar Bay.

Bathrobes, towels and slippers are provided to you for this package.

This part of Brittany will be the most restful and relaxing place for your to find serenity and peace, away from your daily hassles. Between your treatments, do take the time to visit the rest of the Island of Belle Ile and discover its beauties along it's rough nature and dark sanded beaches.
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