Belle Ile en Mer Castel Clara

Slimming 6d :

This package was designed to those who wish to lose some weight and get in shape, as well as fight cellulite and restore their skin's tonicity.

At the spa resort of Brittany, on Belle Ile en Mer, you shall be able to slim down and lose some weight, while working on your will power to keep working.

This package combines thalassotherapy treatments, muscular exercises and modern techniques of endermology.

Moreover, the skin-rolling and Cellu M6 massage techniques aim at decongesting fat cells.

Added to these treatments, the package's program includes dietetic menus and sessions with a dietician for personalized advises for your nutritional needs.

You shall enjoy 4 daily treatments :
-skin-rolling anti-cellulite massage or Cellu M6 (alternated),
-draining seaweed wrap or slimming bath (alternated),
-shower jet
-Stretching or Oxygen sessions

+ one affusion massage during the week.

These treatments are scheduled on a half-day basis, that leaves you the rest of the day to enjoy access to the indoors heated sea water pool with jacuzzi and swans neck ducts, the sauna, Turkish bath, light-therapy cabin, recreational shower (a fun shower course with light and scents), and the resting room with its panoramic view of the Goulphar Bay.

Bathrobes, towels and slippers are provided to your for this spa in Belle Ile en Mer.

Along with your treatments, you shall be able to complete your slimming treatments with long walks along the rough coast of the island, and benefit from the invigorating marine air of the Atlantic Ocean.
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