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Special Baby 3d :

To complete the Newly Mom Package proposed by this institute in Port Crouesty, this special baby package allows you to include a 3-day package of treatments for your newly born. Thus, the duration of the Newly Mom Package remains of 6 days, and every other day your baby shall be able to enjoy the beneficial properties of thalassotherapy and sea water. In Brittany, you shall experience exceptional moments with your baby.

A physiotherapist is there to do a complete follow up.

All the necessary equipments are put in place for the well-being of your baby for the duration of your spa break in France : bed, changing table, bottle heater, nursery service and baby-sitting service.

The post natal program is as follows:

-3 massages
-3 shower with special shower heads)
-3 strengthening wraps
-3 special chest treatments for the mother
-3 multi-jets baths
-3 underwater jets
-3 specific pressotherapy sessions
-3 underwater silhouette showers
-1 baby massage workshop

With this special Baby program, you shall enjoy 2 extra treatments:

-1 baby massage with almond essential oil which induces relaxation and helps baby to sleep (only for babies between 2 an 10 months). Thus the mother is initiated to massage techniques for her baby so she can keep doing them once home. And of course, the Father is also invited to join in.

-A warm bath with seaweed during which the mother and baby bathe together, under the watchful eye of an hydrotherapist. The aquatic setting reminds of the fascinating intra-uterine relationship. Again, the father is also welcomed for this treatment.

This package specially aims at reinforcing the bond with your baby while sharing well-being moments in the water. This trip in France in Port Crouesty will simply be unforgettable, with the natural and rough background of Brittany.

This program is available until the 31st of October 2009.
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