Aix les Bains

Adelphia Aix les bains Hotel

Zen 3 or 6d :

The Adelphia Aix les Bains Resort is a charming place to rest and get pampered. Its wellbeing centre invites you to experience a Zen package in a magnificent and exceptional setting at the heart of the Alps. Available on a 3 or 6-day formula, this package will make you enjoy all the benefits of a spa break in France.

The Zen Package of the Aix les Bains Hotel features 4 daily treatments.

Should you wish to have a 3-day package, you shall enjoy 12 individual treatments as follows:

- 1 massage with hydrojets
- 2 hydromassage baths
- 2 facial massages
- 2 seaweed wraps: algae are rich in trace elements and minerals will enrich your skin
- 1 back massage
- 1 jet shower
- 1 pressotherapy
- 1 californian massage: this treatment focuses on some nervous zones of the body such as
the sole of the foot or the head
- 1 Vichy shower

If you choose to enjoy the 6-day Zen Package, you will benefit from 24 treatments split among:

- 4 hydromassage baths
- 3 face massages
- 2 seaweed wraps
- 1 back massages
- 3 shower jets
- 2 pressotherapies
- 2 massages under Vichy shower
- 1 waterbed with hydrojets
- 1 body Shiatsu: this technique makes use of finger tips pressure, the palms and the elbows on
acupunture points over the whole body. The aim is to release and regulate energy to prevent
and to rid yourself of tensions and pains.
- 1 facial Shiatsu: the same technique is used as for the body Shiatsu except for the pressure
which will be applied to your face.
- 1 massage
- 2 Vichy showers
- 1 cryotherapy

You will definitely enjoy your spa days in Aix les Bains or relaxing break in France. Far from lively cities, you will undoubtedly enjoy relaxing moments at the heart of the Alps and the Savoy region, in the East of France.

This 3-day or 6-day Zen package will provide you with all the benefits of a relaxing moment not far from the famous city of Lyon. Moreover, you will enjoy the free access to the hotel fitness centre comprising of sauna, steam bath, whirlpool bath and sports room. Also enjoy the sport sessions (free of charge) featured by your centre.
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