Aix les Bains

Adelphia Aix les bains Hotel

Wellness 1 to 6 days :

Discover the exceptional environment surrounding the Adelphia Aix les Bains hotel. Located at the foot of the Alps and by the Bourget Lake, this spa hotel will provide you with unforgettable relaxation moments in a most enchanting setting.

The Wellness Package can be extended from 1 to 6 days, with 3 daily treatments.

Day 1:

- jet shower
- hydromassage bath
- pressotherapy: gradual pressure is applied on the lower limbs with the use of a wrap

Day 2:
- Vichy shower
- seaweed wrap: warm and rich in trace elements and minerals, these seaweed wraps facilitate the lymph outflow and are highly beneficial for the skin
- waterbed with hydrojets

Day 3:
- hydromassage bath
- face massage (20 minutes)
- cryotherapy: the benefits of cold on the body. For those suffering from heavy legs sensation, this technique will be highly beneficial since it facilitates the blood flow

Day 4:
- Vichy shower
- pressotherapy
- back massage (20 minutes)

Day 5:
- jet shower
- seaweed wrap
- waterbed with hydrojets

Day 6:
- hydromassage bath
- body scrub
- pressotherapy

I you choose the Wellness Package 1 day, you will benefit from the Day 1 treatments, and so on, if you choose the Wellness Package 2 days, you will beefit from the Day 1 and Day 2 treatments, etc.

Come to experience pure delight... For unforgettable moments, you might also complete your holidays in France by enjoying the following facilities: fitness centre equipped with sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and sports room (free of charge). Do not hesitate either to take part in the free sport sessions featured by your spa centre.
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