Hotel Les Bories

Silhouette :

Les Bories is a charming hotel in Luberon that will permit you to spend unforgettable, delighting spa holidays in the South of France. Situated in the Regional Park of Luberon, your hotel is surrounded by Provence vegetation: olive trees, lavender fields and green oaks stretch along as far as the eye can see.

This package featured by your hotel in Luberon emphasizes slenderness and waistline watching through specific well-being treatments:

- a hammam session also called Turkish bath
- a body scrub with mint tea salts
- a wrapping with cypress, geranium and marjoram essential oils
- a modelling with geranium essential oils

And to bring to a whole your silhouette treatments, you will also sample draining sage infusion in the relaxation room. Indeed, herbal infusion is one of the hotel specialties: the estate features a garden with more than 40 different aromatic plants. And in addition to this, you will also enjoy smelling the delicate fragrances wafted through the air.

To complete your stay in Luberon, the hotel gastronomic restaurant also offers a “Silhouette Menu” which will permit you to savour balanced yet delicious food.
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