Hotel Les Bories

Letting Go 2 d :

To enjoy spa holidays in a luxury hotel in Provence, the Hotel Les Bories in Gordes proposes a 2-day package with original treatments inspired by Nature and Provence vegetation.

This hotel in Provence stands amidst a gorgeous estate where ancient oaks, olive trees and lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see. You will appreciate the peculiar situation of your luxury hotel. Provence and Luberon settings will contribute to your general wellness in addition to lavish treatments.

The 2-day package featured by your luxury hotel in Provence encompasses the following treatments:

On the 1st day:

- a whirlpool Oriental milk bath (with sandalwood essential oil)
- body scrub with black Oriental soap and olive oil
- wrapping with orange essential oil

On 2nd day:

- a whirlpool milk bath with lavender and marjoram essential oils
- a wrapping with lavender and marjoram essential oils
- a massage with lavender and marjoram essential oils

You will also access the relaxation room in which you will be able to savour herbal infusions made out of the aromatic garden of your luxury hotel. Provence flavours will permeate your well-being experience in the South of France.

You will also enjoy the golf practice, the tennis court and the 2 swimming-pools. The indoor one is heated to 29° C and is located in the spa centre. With great panoramic windows it opens onto nature and gives you the impression to swim above the Provence vegetation.
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