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Re-energy Source 5d :

Re-energy Source Package 5d

The well-being centre of the Royal Hotel in Evian-les-Bains offers an exceptional package: the Re-energy Source program. This package is aimed at re-harmonizing the flow of energy along the meridians, relaunch your energy system and restore your energy potential. The program of your spa days are as follows:

Purity Day, for a deep detoxification of face and body:
- 1 purity facial treatment (1h)
- 1 purifying bath with essential oils (20 mn)
- 1 ancestral Indian peeling (1h15)
- 1 purifying massage with oils (50 mn)
- 1 treatment with elderberry or rosemary essential oil

Balance Day, to re-balance energies:
- 1 Chi Cong (1h)
- 1 energetic massage: Tui Na or Shiatsu or Nuad Bo Lan
- 1 “Fulfillment of the Moment” Treatment(1h15)
- 1 treatment with lavender essential oil

Stimulation Day, to stimulate energies:
- 1 hydro-massaging and stimulating bath (20 mn)
- 1 Balinese massage (50 mn)
- 1 Kansu (50 mn)
- 1 treatment with sage essential oil

Deep Relaxation Day, to harmonize oneself with one's inner time and to remineralize:
- 1 facial energetic draining (25 mn))
- 1 treatment with algae or oligo-element mud (50 mn)
- 1 plantar reflexology (50 mn)
- 1 energetic belly massage or relaxing massage (25 mn)
- 1 treatment with mint or thyme essential oil

Re-energy Day, to revitalize:
- 1 regenerating facial treatment with colored clay (1h15)
- 1 Abhyanga massage (1h15)
- 1 Shirodhara (45 mn)
- 1 hair shining treatment
- 1 treatment with dog rose essential oil

Evian Royal Resort offers you free access to all the wellness facilities of the spa resort: hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness area etc...

Please note that the package includes a medical check-up.
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