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Cures and Treatments - Evian Ermitage :

Situated amidst two truly exceptionnal settings, the Evian thermal resort comfortably sits between the shores of the Lac Leman and the Alps’ imposing peaks.

The balneotherapy spa centre in Evian, in Haute-Savoie and just a stone’s throw away from Switzerland, offers a Dynamisation Terractiv balneotherapy spa cure, for men and women alike. This cure lasts 4, 5 or 6 days and comprises 10 treatments:

1. A relaxing detoxination "Terdétox" day: 2 body detoxifying treatment with silica grains and volcanic soil balm, 1 silica grain peeling, 1 volcanic soil balm and rose wood wrap, 1 relaxing Riental lavander grain balm, Compex® muscular stimulation - stage 1)
2. "Tertonic" Day (Compex muscular stimulation - stage 1, "Tertonic" clay massage)
3. " Earth elixir" day (re-mineralizing Moore soil wrap) : Fluid massage, Compex muscular stimulation - stage 2)
4. "Earth energy" day (Punch massages)

The balneotherapy spa centre also features a Silhouette 4 Terres programme for both men and women, includes 15 treatments in the space of 6 days. The main objective is to help you lose weight, slim up, keep in shape and tone the skin. It comprises:
1. "Earth emulsions" reinvigorating day (detoxifying treatment Bex salt cristal, 1 red clay and genever purifying wrap, 1 aesthetic lymphatic drainage)
2. Energizing "Earth remineralization" day (draining and re-mineralizing watermassages bath with salt cristals, and cypress essential oils, G5 slimming and modeling massages, Perfect Silhouette treatments).
3. Shaping up "Red clay earth" day (Pressotherapy treatment, which activates blood circulation, red clay circulatory massages, relaxing and relieving harmonization massage, which favours blood circulation and help stone your silhouette).

4. Modeling "Kaolin Earth" massage (aesthetic lymphatic drainage, red and white clay solutions)
5. Intensive toning "Kaolin earth" day (white kaolin soil watermassages bath with rose essential oils, G5 slimming and remodeling massage).
6. Intense modeling day (G5 slimming and modeling massages, Perfect Silhouette treatments)
4 Terres Wellness (4 days)
Hotel Ermitage’s balneotherapy spa centre boasts a 4 terres Wellness comprising 7 treatments (4 or 5 day cure).

1. Relaxing « Earth Velours” day (relaxing salt microcristal and karité balm exfoliation, coloured clay rich and balancing massages)
2. Energizing and relaxing "Earth Aromas" day (face care Purifying Aroma Nuxe treatment, foot reflexology massage with earth balm made of eucalyptus and pine trees)
3. Reinvigorating "Earth Warmth" daylong cure (cocoon treatment with Oriental white cristals, musical massages)
4. Harmony daylong "Earth Energy" cure (hot Peruvian basalt stone balancing massage comprising hot Peruvian basalt stone)

The Evian Ermitage also offers the Oriental Experience balneotherapy spa 2 or 3 day, for ladies and gents alike. This balneotherapy spa cure comprises 4 daily treatments chosen from the following selection:
1. Relaxing "Atlas Earth" day treatment (Instant exfoliations making the most of dark olive oil soap and Kessa glove techniques, soft Saharan desert Rassoul wraps)
2. Journée exquise "Amber and Jasmin" (oliban amber massages, musical massages, Orient rose face care treatment)

The Escale 4 Terres for two spa cure aims at helping couples climax their way to newfound energy and relaxation. The 4 treatments are shared between the two guests. For ladies: sugary honey balm massage, 8-vegetal milk Aroma Milk Nuxe face care treatment; for gents: spicy massages, anti-fatigue Nickel face care treatment.

The 4 Terres Experience 2 or 3-day spa cure comprises 4 daily treatments and is available to ladies and gens alike. The following treatments are on offer:
1. Chill out day (body exfoliation treatment with yellow Iberian clay, massages made of vitamin-rich shea butter balms)
2. Dynamicand energizing day (Punch massage, Nirvana face care treatment with Nuxe flower grains and roots, specific face care for men with a gentle and purifying Nickel treatment)
The Teen Oxygen Pack spa cure is one of the Evian spa centre’s most appealing features. Indeed, in the midst of Haute Savoie, teeneagers will make the most of a natural and energizing environment.

The Balneotherapie des 4 Terres spa centre boats 2 specific programmes designed for boys and girls aged between 13 and 17, and aims to help them reveal their true personality.
The following treatments are on offer:
The girls’ pack comprises: 1 gentle face care treatment, 1 specific eye-brow beauty treatment, 1 manucure, 1 back modeling
The boys’ pack includes: 1 purifying face care treatment, 1 purifying clay catasplasm for the back, 1 back modeling
The above-mentioned balneotherapy programmes last for 2 days and 2 nights.

To improve and perfect your paractice of sport and enhance the beneficial effects of the treatments, the balneotherapy spa centre features 3 inside workshops with climbing wall - cardio training – fitness, to help you better understand the body movements your sport implies, articular fluidity – shoulders – kness – elbow, concentration, breathing and tendon care sessions.
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