Vinotherapy ® Sources Caudalie Bordeaux

Perfect Body Vinotherapy 2 to 14d :

Located on the land of the Smith Haut Laffite Castle in Martillac near Bordeaux, the Caudalies institute proposes to you Vinotherapy treatments that will most likely surprise you.

If you wish to lose some weight and slim down, and to have a firm and energetic body, we recommend to you this Perfect Body Vinotherapy Package that combines vinotherapy care (3 treatments per day) with endermology treatments and a healthy diet: fitness meals of less than 500kcal.

This package can last between 2 and 14 days, depending on the time you have. However, we recommend you stay for at least 6 days for optimum results.

The treatments focus on the loss of weight such as: slimming massages and draining massages to help regulate the blood circulation, baths and wraps to favor the elimination of toxins and tonify your skin...

Fresh grapes and 100% organic diuretic herbal tea shall be offered to you during your treatments. You shall also have free access to the jet stream thermal bath, resting room and Turkish baths.

The Caudalies institute offers a very interesting insight on the French Atlantic Coast. You can go for strolls around the castle's park, or visit the surrounding vineyards and discover the magic involved in wine making. During your stay, take the time to visit the region of Bordeaux and the Pilat Dune or Arcahon Lagoon.
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