Andorra la Vella


Wellness programs :

This is a golden destination for guests willing to spend an active balneotherapy cure in altitude. Indeed, regular physical activity and exercises will help you meet your objectives.

Moreover, Andorra, set between France and Spain in the heart of the Pyrenees has many assets to boast: skiing, racket-skiing, trekking, walks, and of course steam baths and saunas at the Caldea Spa Centre in Andorra-la-Viella. You will be free to choose from the following 4 spa programmes during your stay:

The Slimness anti-cellulitis program offers vvery specific treatments aiming cellulitis reduction. For additional efficiency, enjoy an LPG Endermologie® session every two days, for a cure lasting a minimum of 5 days.

Day 1: sea salt mud wraps and LPG Endermologie® session
Day 2: partial anti-cellulitis and lymphatic body drainage
Day 3: partial anti-cellulitis and LPG Endermologie® session
Day 4: partial anti-cellulitis and lymphatic body drainage
Day 5: partial anti-cellulitis and LPG Endermologie® session

Wellness and relaxation will team up and help you recharge your batteries. The anti-stress package has the advantage of giving a certain number of options:

Anti-stress A: energizing jet showers (10 min), individual citrical essential oil aerobath aérobain (15 min), complete Bach flower massage (1h).

Anti-stress B: complete Bach flower massage (1h), foot reflexology session (30 min).

Anti-stress C: local affusion shower (20 min), Geothermal massage (hot stone massage: 90 min).

Anti-stress D: chromatic individual milk and essential oil aerobath (15 min), complete sea salt mud wrap (75 min).

Anti-stress E : flotarium (se salt bath : 30 min), 4-hand massage (45 min).

The Beauty SPA package aims at helping you reveal your true inner and outer beauty, by toning and energizing your skin. You will chose between 5 different programs :

Beauty F: body and facial beauty balneotherapy treatment (body peeling + aerobath + moisturizing unction + facial modeling: 90 min).

Beauty G: personalized facial treatment (75 min), individual chromatic seaweed treatment (15 min).

Beauty H: beauty massage (toning, circulatory, anti-cellulitis or moisturizing: 45 min), facial aroma massage (45 min).

Beauty I: energizing jet shower (10 min), essential oil complete mud wrap (75 min).

Beauty J: individual chromatic draining oil and alga aerobath (15 min), anti-cellulitis body drainage (60 min).

The Relaxation Spa Package is an absolute must for guests with no specific needs and requirements, who simply wish to relax and choose their treatments.
5 different formulas will help put your mind and body at rest.

Oriental relaxation K: Oriental oil individual chromatic aerobath (15 min), energizing jet shower (10 min), Korean relaxation (1h).

Oriental relaxation L: energizing jet shower (10 min), traditional Thai massage (1h), flotarium (saltwater bath: 30 min).

Oriental relaxation M: affusion massage (30 min), general shiatsu (1h).
Oriental relaxation N: Turkish exfoliation turque and facial modeling (steam bath + body peeling + specific unction + facial modeling: 90 min).

Oriental relaxation O: individual flower essences chromatic aerobath (15 min), energizing jet shower (10 min), green tea general massage (1h).

Just a stone’s throw away from both France and Spain, Andorra provides visitors with a total change of scene in the heart of the Pyrenees. Very often, tourists who come to Andorra do not even suspect such beauty. In the winter, the white skiing pistes and raquette trails await you, and in the summer, feel free to meander through the mountainous trails and the picturesque, scenic villages. Time will fly by in Andorra, and of course, the shops and their prices will entice you to go on endless shopping sprees !
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