Spa Resort

Spa Resorts and hotels

Designed to meet the expectations of most demanding travellers, a spa resort is a well-appointed establishment featuring an array of modern and luxury services. Most importantly, it hosts a wellness centre with wide ranging state-of-the art equipment, cutting edge services and upmarket facilities that will match the needs and preferences of worldwide spa goers keen on ayurvedic massages, facials, health treatments, sea water bubbling baths, mud wrapping... Be it treatments using spring or thermal water or treatments with sea water, as it is the case in thalassotherapy centres, a spa resort will enable you to experience pure moments of me-time!

Fitness services and wellness amenities such as cardio-training machines, gym sessions under a coach supervision or even yoga classes generally complete packages and offers. Some resorts even feature cuisine in-keeping with the treatments lavished! A means to extend beneficial effects to your plate. That's why it is more than just an invitation to relax. It is actually a global, holistic experience for top to toe wellness and body and mind harmony.

Within a spa resort...

There is a broad range of sizes and styles, from the small, cosy intimate resorts to the huge, top-rated ones. Indeed, it offers much more than simple accommodation. It may feature a wide spectrum of facilities including: large choice of room categories, lush fragrant gardens, different types of restaurants, themed evenings and cultural animation programmes... As far as leisure is concerned, an extensive list of outdoor and indoor recreational activities are generally available such as swimming pools, tennis courts, squash, badminton courts, and sometimes water sports, horseback riding... Some may also feature kids’ and teenagers' club. So much fun await them!

Regarding restaurants and gastronomy, the hotel usually provides guests with a diversity of cuisines from all over the world. French gastronomy, Oriental flavours, typical Mediterranean cuisine, islands’ exotic savours or Japanese refined cuisine will delight your taste buds! Not to mention some of the world's best prize-winning restaurants...

Furthermore, this place provides an excellent venue for special events such as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions thanks to the tailor-made professional services and sophisticated equipment available on site.

Golf & spa resorts

Nowadays, this kind of hotel tends towards a more trendy fashion: that of combining spa holidays with golf. Indeed, many luxury resorts across the world boast their own golf courses, an 18-hole Championship round for most of them associated with a shop and club and sometimes with a restaurant. As such, these holidays can be spent everywhere in the world: Europe, Northern Africa, Indian Ocean or Caribbean and Asia…

Get valuable advice...

Given the increasing number of resorts worldwide, some travellers may be at a loss, feeling uncertain about the destination meeting best their expectations. That is why Thalassoline advisers will be delighted to deliver them detailed information concerning the specifities of each resort or treatment. Are you keen on sports? Do you have kids or would you rather travel to an intimate, peaceful resort? Do you expect thalassotherapy treatments to make the most of the beneficial effects of sea water? Do you put the emphasis on restaurants and gastronomy? Are you fond of golf? Just formulate you preferences to our advisers: they will tak them into account to find the holiday that suits you perfectly.

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