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Bathing process that consists of periods of perspiring in the heat and steam created by throwing water on heated stones. In combination with refreshing cold showers, sauna therapy is said to enhance the body's immune system and relieve stress.

Seaweed wrap
Body treatment using concentrated seawater and seaweed that contains nutrients including minerals, rare trace elements, vitamins, and proteins. Said by proponents to detoxify, increase circulation, and improve appearance of cellulite.

Massage technique developed in Japan in which therapist applies pressure to specific points in the body to simulate and unblock "meridians" (pathways through which energy is said to flow).

Ayurvedic treatment lasting 7 to l0 minutes during which stream of oil is poured in the centre of your forehead (on your \"third eye\") in order to help you focus, concentrate, and relax your mind and body.

The International Spa Association(ISPA) defines the word spa in the following way: "Spas are devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit."

Steam room
Room where temperatures are kept at 110 to 130° F and humidity is generated in order to soften the skin, clean the pores, calm the nervous system, and relieve tension.

Step aerobics
Low-impact aerobic activity performed by stepping on and off a platform that usually ranges from four to ten inches high to tone hips, legs, and buttocks

Stress management
Combination of physical exercise, deep relaxation techniques, and visualization techniques meant to reduce the ill effects of stress on the body.

Extending and lengthening muscles slowly, then in a static manner when hitting resistance. Meant to increase flexibility and relieve stress by improving circulation, and facilitating blood flow to the muscles, heart, and brain.
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