Spa Break

Spa Break

How can Spa Break be defined?

It is a moment of pure indulgence for body and mind well being... Combined with luxury treatments ranging from relaxing massages to delicate facials, it can be carried out worldwide in associated resorts, hotels, wellness centres or health spa institutions entirely dedicated to that purpose.


Derived from 'Sanitas Per Aqua', SPA means health through water. A spa break can be carried out with spring water or sea water.

Also known as balneotherapy, it is associated with spring water, resorts and hotels offering such a treatment or the equipment for that purpose. Originally referred to resorts for water drinking rather than bathing, the term gradually lost this distinction as many spas offered external remedies in order to meet the high demands for spa holidays, weekend or break. It was much later defined as an entity devoted to enhancing overall well being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.


Thalasso Resorts and Sea Water

On the other hand, a spa break with 'thalassotherapy' implies the use of sea water, the properties of which are famous for having beneficial and healing effects on the body. Developed in the 19th century in seaside towns of Brittany in France, it became more steadily popular throughout the world and is famous for its combination of therapy, holidays, relaxation and wellness. Thalassotherapy uses sea water and its components alike which are applied in various forms including showers of warmed sea water, algae paste and marine mud and inhalation of sea fog amongst others.

If a spa break with spring water can be carried out anywhere be it along sea shores or inland in cities and in the countryside, 'thalassotherapy' on the contrary, necessarily implies the use of sea water, good marine climatic conditions and medical supervision (except for very short stays). It is furthermore a preventive care to a large number of disorders. While spa tends towards a more luxury concept associated with aesthetic, 'thalassotherapy' ensures a medical follow up in addition to relaxation and well being in order to match the needs and expectations of each guest. France features numerous centres throughout its territory. But you also can enjoy breaks in London UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Mauritius...

Beyond simple relaxation, a spa break is the promise of a complete rejuvenation and an ultimate getaway from a busy and hectic life. From a short refreshing break of a one-night stay to a weekend or longer holidays, numerous possibilities are now available and affordable to each and everyone.

This type of holiday also offers the advantage of unwinding in a peaceful retreat in response to the persistent source of strains and woes of modern society. A comprehensive list of pampering and world-class treatments together with a wide selection of packages have been designed to cater to your needs and requirements ranging from discovery of spa pleasures to healing of all sorts of ailments.

Packages such as Mother-to-be, Anti smoking, Back pain, Slimming or Anti Ageing to name but a few are usually scheduled over 5 to 6 days. On the other hand, Shape Up and Anti stress programmes along with luxury beauty care such as manicure, facials, etc are spread over a few days only. The latter constitute a different type focusing mainly on wellness discovery rather than the healing and therapy aspects.
Treatments include jet showers, underwater showers, Vichy showers, algae and mud body wraps, aromatherapy and blissful massages of all kind... Moreover, the setting of a spa resort usually comprises of a zen and tranquil atmosphere inspiring quiet meditation and enlightenment blend to the sounds of nature and soothing music...

Whichever you choose, you will find the health break that will suit your needs and requirements as you browse through the pages of our website. Select your destination throughout the world, for pure moments of me-time...

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